The Lucky Few

During a recent week at the beach, I found myself collapsed down in a chair in the living room after a full day in the sun. After settling down with a blanket and a warm cup of coffee I reached over to the table next to me and picked up this book The Lucky Few. As a full-time student, I had little time for “fun reading” but after working ahead in school I was looking forward to a week away from books of theology or honestly anything I had to look up words while reading,

Over the next couple of hours, I had read over half the book. While I am not normally a book worm or fast reader this book gripped my heart. The Lucky Few spoke directly to my heart and to my fear of losing control. Often when I feel that God is silent it is because I am not looking for Him in my everyday life. God orchestration of the “normal” in our lives can easily be missed but is so powerful when we stop and see it. Picking up this book that evening was one of those God moments which He so perfectly orchestrated.

The Lucky Few, written by Heather Avis follows her unique story of infertility, adoption and most importantly God’s goodness. As a single woman, the impact of this book is not founded in the exact situations but instead on the overall theme of God’s faithfulness and sovereignty in His plan for our lives. From the longing of her heart as a newlywed to be a mother, to her beautiful family she invites you into those intimate moments of her life where she trusts God’s sovereign plan.

Living in a season of patience, the longing of our heart is for it to end. God has so much for us in this season but He is so gracious to give us reminders that He is indeed working in the wait. Heather spent years in the season of infertility not to be given what she wanted but instead to be given something so much greater than she could ever imagine.

We can learn so much from those who have gone before us who have experienced God’s goodness through patience. Opening the pages of the Bible we read countless accounts of God’s goodness and sovereignty. The story of Ruth is one of my favorites. Over the past couple of months my women’s group at church has been walking through Ruth’s story. Talk about patience and obedience. Ruth sacrificed comfort and security to follow her Lord and through consistent obedience she displayed her trust in God’s sovereignty. She set out trusting the Lord to provide and by the end of the story she was married to one of the richest men in Bethlehem with a son to carry on the family name. This gift all stemmed from her obedience and trust with her daily needs. The hand of God is evident throughout stories in the Bible as the authors record His works. How often do we tell ourselves the lie that God is not working similarly in our own lives?

Through the Scriptures alone do we find truth and our hope. Nevertheless, we can be encouraged by God’s hand in the lives of others. God is indeed at work today. Being careful not to compare, reading through the testimonies of others can be a very encouraging practice in our faith.

This book specifically encouraged me to look outside of my narrow and perfect plan for my future. Securing a successful job, getting married and starting my own family are all noble goals but having such a narrow focus results in a very tight grip on my future. Ephesians 3:20 reminds us that God’s plan are immeasurably greater than we could ever imagine. When I have a white-knuckle grip on my plans I am not allowing God to show me His very best.

Heather Avis started her journey with the same grip on her future. Over the course of 200 pages you see the transformation God did in her heart and the beautiful gifts that He had in store. I want God’s very best for my life but that requires willingness on my part to release the plans I have for my future. It is a terrifying, freeing and beautiful journey. I pray that He continues to use His Scripture and the lives of others to encourage each and every one of you in your season of patience.

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