Created to Care

Generally speaking, women desire to care deeply for others; it is instinctual. Even as young women and children, we see many examples of this innate desire. For example, this desire to care is seen in the innocent plea of a little girl as she begs her parents to let her adopt every stray animal she encounters. Throughout middle and high school, many Christian girls are drawn to short-term missions trips to orphanages. There is something about holding a child who has been deprived of the love of a parent that makes your heart long to care and love that precious child. God has designed women with these desires, and we are called to use these gifts to spread the love of God with others. Unfortunately, our culture does not do a good job of nurturing or encouraging this design in women. People may call us weak, but on the inside, it feels right and fitting…like something we are designed to do. We are created to care for others.

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