The Insanity of God – Book Review

Over the past couple of weeks, I have gotten the privilege of reading through the autobiography of Nik Ripken, recorded in his book The Insanity of God. This was a very powerful read personally, as it really opened my eyes to the reality of the persecuted church around the world. This book was recommended to me from an elder at my church, and I now understand why he was so insistent that I read it.

The book follows Nik’s journey through many different countries around the world and his interactions with the persecuted believers fighting for their faith in each of those countries. His work included relief work, church planting, as well as just seeking to understand the persecution of his brothers and sisters around the world. Through interviews and observation, Nik shares both the reality and sacrifice of those believers. Each of these stories gripped my heart and made me reevaluate my own faith, in addition to challenging me to think how far would I personally go for Christ.

In regards to the impact this has on our mission as women of the faith, it was a great example of just the power of knowledge and Christian community. God can use the powerful stories of others to speak into our own lives. We may not be called overseas, but God is calling each of us to play a specific part in the growth of His Kingdom. This book is very eye-opening to the work God is doing all throughout the world. Personally, it was very encouraging to continue to seek my specific mission for God’s Kingdom.

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