Created to Care. Designed to Love.

Hello, everyone! I Just wanted to take a minute to share with you all my vision behind my personal ministry. My current calling is not to become a phenomenal writer or a worldwide speaker. Instead, my hope for this blog is to simply be a tool of both encouragement and challenge to women to refocus on God as we are constantly fed distractions through social media and daily interaction. My hope is that you would hear my heart through my vision statement:

Being a positive influence on the culture of young women, challenging them to find their identity and security in the truths of the Scripture, and encouraging them to embrace their God-given gifts. Pointing women back to their God-given design as women who are:


Clarification: This blog is a compilation of thoughts and research as I work through this subject. My goal is to study what my God-given design is as a woman, and I have decided to open up my research to share with others. I am open to discussion and I would love to hear other people’s perspectives on these different topics. With a Christian foundation and worldview, I am starting off on this adventure to further my knowledge in these different areas and to share what I am learning with others. I am excited that you have decided to join me for this adventure.

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